* Registration number contains 4 (four) numbers
* Please check your confirmation letter on email to find your registration number

* The uploaded photo should contain 3 medals of Happy Run (or more)
* All medals on the photo should be CLEARLY seen
* Size of the photo should not exceed 5MP


  1. This is a special event and limited only for 30 selected Taiwan Excellence Happy Run Loyal Participants
  2. This event will be held at North Art Space (NAS) building, Pasar Seni
  3. The participant that has been joined Taiwan Excellence Happy Run at least 3 times (within a period of 2014-2018) can have an opportunity to register and take part in this event
  4. Participants are required to upload a photo of 3 medals that has different year on it during the registration
  5. Participants are required to bring those medals and registered ID Card as the proof of validation during the Race Pack Collection
  6. 30 selected participants will be contacted by Taiwan Excellence organizer
  7. 30 selected participants can get a special access to enter the Loyal Happy Runners Lounge by wearing the BIB/Chest No.


How do i join this event?

Please check “MORE EVENT” page within this website, then choose the EXCLUSIVE FOR LOYAL HAPPY RUNNERS Banner to find the registration form

How much does it cost to join this event?

This event is free of charge

Is this event open for public?

NO, this event is exclusive only for 30 chosen Happy Run Loyal Participants

What are the benefits as the chosen Taiwan Excellence Loyal Participants?

You can get an exclusive souvenirs from Taiwan Excellence, join the newest product demonstration and enjoy the special lunch session

Can I register to join this event?

Yes, here is the requirements :

  1. You have to registered as Taiwan Excellence Happy Run 2019 participant
  2. You have joined and registered in Taiwan Excellence Happy Run in at least 3 times (year of participation does not have to be in sequence)

After the registration, what should i do?

All participants are required to upload a photo contains at least 3 medals of Taiwan Excellence Happy Run during the registration. Then during the Race Pack Collection, participans need to bring all those medals as validation proof

Can i register on the event day?

No, this event only for 30 chosen participants

After registered, will I certainly be a part of this event?

NO. There will only 30 chosen Participants that can be a part of this event and will be annouced and contacted by Organizer on July 15-16th, 2019.

If i am one of the 30 chosen Participants, what should i do at the event day?

If you are the chosen one, after the Lucky Draw Session, you can headed to North Art Space Building (NAS) that located inside the Pasar Seni or you can find us at Information Booth