Obor Berkat Indonesia is a social foundation which responsible for care and helps underprivileged people, through health services, education, disaster response, and community empowerment.


Obor Berkat Indonesia was established in August 1999. OBI's social-humanitarian service activities began when the Indonesian people were experiencing the impact of the economic crisis, which then developed into a crisis in all areas of life. When the community is unable to withstand financial burdens, people tend to sacrifice the health and education of their children. Seeing this reality, on the basis of love for fellow human beings, OBI emphasizes service in 2 fields, namely Health and Education. Then in 2003, OBI services were added with Community Empowerment so that the community could overcome economic issues by providing basic materials and training. In the same year (2003) OBI was also entrusted to serve in other countries, namely in Cambodia and Iraq, then medical support for flood victims in the Philippines (2009).